Wednesday, November 24, 2010


“One Love”

As I wake up to Jessica’s shrieking laughter yet again, I wonder what today will bring? Sal, Chris and Ryan are counting down the days till they get to see their girlfriends. Pat is just trying to make it out alive. Evan is still thinking about outdoor rec. versus computer science. Katy has been struck with utter disappointment of our group. Kate is still good ole’ Kate, “Hey E.C.O.E.E only take three fig newtons.” Ashley is caught in the middle, excited to leave but loves E.C.O.E.E too much. Me and Denver have no idea what were doing after E.C.O.E.E and Jess is cracked out on some 100% pure Columbian fine ground coffee and some low grade uppers such as redbull and monsters. I realize as I sit on a beach watching a family reunion where they all sit in a circle and hold hands, that I am jealous of this family. My family would never do something like this, which makes me get to my point. This family obviously has mutual love for each other and shows it. I am sure they have had their fair share of problems like any family. Yet here they are as one, holding hands in a circle on the beach. I would like to remind us that we only live once and only live one E.C.O.E.E. So as E.C.O.E.E winds down and everyone has their minds on something far off and distant. Lets not forget to show each other the love that we all know is there, but at times is hard to show. Lets respect one another and remember the simple thank you’s, your welcome’s and I’m sorry’s. Lets finish out this E.C.O.E.E with a deeper feeling then, we just conquered the land, because we didn’t. Yeah, were going to have cool stories for those folks at home, but don’t forget about us. Don’t forget about E.C.O.E.E 2010 and that at one point or another we all shared beautiful moments, together as one, like a family.

“Most any old poor fish can drift along and dream, but it takes a regular live one, to swim against the stream.”

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