Monday, August 25, 2008

Stephen Gilbert - August 25

After waking up and spending my last night in a shelter with a real roof over my head I suddenly became sad.  I wasn’t sad that I would be spending the remaining nights in a tent, but for the fact that I will be sleeping on a mat about two inches thick. Good bye beauty sleep, hello stiff back!  With all that leaving my mind excitement soon filled my body.  I then got up to see the delicious breakfast that Derek and Josh prepared for the group this morning.  Yogurt with granola, mixed berries, and pancakes with blackberries that DeBoer picked the day before.  What a great way to start a busy day!

After breakfast Rose took half of the group to get our food for the next five days, while Jeff took the other half of the group to Currens Hall. There at Currens Hall we finished up the small tasks that needed to be completed before we left on our expedition.

After Currens some of us had a little bit of time to organize and pack our duffle bags, or one could say new ‘closets’ for the next three months.  When Rose and the shopping group pulled into Horn Field Campus it was time to unload the goodies.  While the majority of the group was unloading groceries Derek was making one of my favorite sandwiches, grilled cheese tomato, yum-yum!

Once lunch was finished Jeff showed us how to hook up, pack, and organize the trailer.  With al the organization I should not have a problem of keeping my car clean after this expedition.  Guess it’s just another useful skill picked up on ECOEE.  It was soon time to learn how to set up our future homes for the next few months.

Dinner was soon on the agenda after learning how to properly set up the tents. Again, Derek and Josh cooked dinner, while the rest of the group had to clean up the cabins and the lodge that was our home for the past week; we had to leave it in a ‘no trace left behind’ condition.  Dinner was done and smelling delicious.  I was rather excited about dinner; we were having Derek’s Alaskan salmon that he brought back with him. I had never had salmon before so I was in for a major treat.

It is rather amazing; we all have come so close in the past week.  I never would have thought that I could feel so comfortable with this group in the first week, especially, since I saw these people for only four hours each week last semester. I am excited, happy, and I feel truly blessed that I am sharing this once in a lifetime experience with all these people with bright smiley faces.