Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stephen Gilbert - August 27

“Thunder bolts and lightening, very very frightening!” Well… not really, unless, you were one of the few who were sleeping outside and knew it was only a matter of seconds before Mother Nature gave you an all-natural bath.  Besides the little rainstorm, and the minor problem of things being wet, it was a pretty delightful morning.  Yet again we had a god breakfast to fill up our energy to take on the tasks of the day.

            Courtney gave her last outdoor education topic after breakfast.  Courtney had us all work together as a group in her presentation. I think she spent too much time in Alaska though, I say this because she made the group walk like craps.  She had the group put our hands in between our legs and hold hands to the person next to you, then we had to somehow walk in a circle.

            After the crab walk the group piled into the van and headed to the Missouri National Recreation River Resource and Education Center.  There we spoke with Jeff, the superintendent, who gave us a tour of the place.  Jeff also informed us on the goals of the place, how they receive their funding, what the facility if used for, and the troubles that they are experiencing. 

Spending two hours there we then jumped back in the car and headed to our next destination.  After viewing numerous amounts of hills, fields of sunflowers, and seeing an 1880’s town that was on the discovery channel we finally pulled into the Badlands.  It was a nine-hour drive so when the van stopped we all were anxious to get out and stretch.  After our stretch we set up our tents and cooked dinner to a beautiful sun setting over sedimentary conglomerates.  I hope I get to see more beautiful sunsets that was as amazing as this one.

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