Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jake Yard

We woke up lethargic, yet soon we shed our sleepy eyes and replaced them super exuberant attitudes that paralleled that of a young child awaiting recess time.  We woke up to a simple yet delightful breakfast packed up and were soon on the road.  We stopped at Currens Hall to bid the R.P.T.A. faculty and a few random friends a due.  We head out swiftly and were on our way.  We passed the time with sleep, some passed it by doing homework, and others made the time go by simply daydreaming of the fantastic possibilities ahead.  We passed small, quiet towns of great character.  On the route we were also able to see the aftermath of the Mississippi floods earlier this year.  It was incredible to see how incredible the power of nature in all its mighty wrath.  Lunch was spectacular due to the fact that the weather was perfect, the sky was full of cotton candy clouds and the head of maintenance was the most interesting fellow of Iowa.  We were soon off on the road again haulin’ down the road.  The next monument of the daily road trip was the rolling hills that began to make themselves apparent.  As we entered the park we soon found our campsite and set up even though we were down to the wire with time it all worked out.  We even lit the lanterns on the very first night I knew Jeff would be proud when he returned to camp.  We swiftly were done with our obligations and once again retired to our tents and dreams.  The morning and following day would no doubt be tiring and monumental, I hope we are ready, I’m sure we’ll soon see.