Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ah….cleanliness, comfort, and good music.  What a wonderful way to end a great day.


Today was our first day as the complete ECOEE 2008 group, although Jennie was missed and in all of our thoughts, but it was a thrilling feeling to take off in the van that will transport us on our adventurous journey.  We fit as perfectly as a peanut butter, pickle, and cheese sandwich.


I feel that each of us learned a lot today, and we are starting to get a better understanding of interpretation and what is expected of us during our trip.  It was actually quite overwhelming to me knowing all of the work that is in store for us, but I am ready, determined, and excited to learn and continue growing.  Frisbee and Frank Sinatra helped to calm my nerves throughout the day, but what was especially comforting was our time during the debrief.  Others admitted to being a bit overwhelmed and it was nice knowing that I’m not in this boat alone.  Everybody was willing to lend a helping hand and I think that shows the exceptional potential we have to becoming a fantastic team.  Perseverance is the key, and we’ll hopefully become as quick and efficient as pool monkeys someday.


As Frank Lupton said, “The sun is shining, the birds are singing, it’s a great day to be alive,” and it definitely was.