Friday, August 22, 2008

August 22nd, 2008

Silk, Polyester and fleece oh my!  Today is Friday, this week sure has flown bye fast.  Presentations were in full force and the ECOEE 08 crew was in the mood to get things done.  I wonder how we are going to MEASURE up to Yardsticks meals?  The group went on a field trip to the army surplus store and Jeff and I went to Currens to see Paula and pick up a VCR.  The night went on with our obligations, as we wonder what is in store?  We meandered out in the dark with our headlamps a glow brightening our path to the high ropes course.  Yet as the darkness encroached it shadowed none of the lights burning within our souls.  Through the range of emotions we went as a group.  In the end one thing can be said, “ love is in the air tonight!!” 


Ryan Plunkett