Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Derek Hofeldt

My goal for the day regarding the readings for the day was to remind people that there are simple pleasures all around us and sometimes it takes finding your inner child to recognize these pleasures.

            We took a four and half mile hike with 60-65 lbs. in our packs that only took an hour and twenty five minutes.  Great conversation all along the way.  This hike was a great confidence booster for me and everyone else as well.  We get back and relax while we wait for a great chicken lunch, which was followed by an equally amazing dinner.

            We finished a movie explaining the history of forestry and some star players including Pinchot, Muir, Marshall, Leopold, Carhart and Palaski to name a few, but lets not forget about the greatest bear ever: SMOKEY!

            To cap off this entry I’d like to share, I never thought 13 to 15 hours of school work a day would ever be so exciting and I owe that to the entire crew that is here.  I love them all.  Lets rock this journey!

                                                            -Derek Hofeldt  (day 4)

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