Saturday, November 24, 2012

October 12, 2012 - Dalton Schaller

Yosemite is an amazing place. Where else in the world are you able to wake up and have the first thing you see, be a giant rock face shrouded in fog. There are so many beautiful and interesting things to experience in Yosemite. From looking at all the incredible rock faces, that are various shapes and sizes, to seeing all of the wildlife that Yosemite has within its borders. You can see animals as small as the many ground squirrels and stellar jays to the larger mule deer and black bears. Going around in the day you can see all of those things that all of the other visitors see all the time, but then you can go out at night and Yosemite appears to be an entirely knew place to experience. The same fog covered cliffs that were admired during the day look even more miraculous when pressed against the starry night sky. It is what some would call a picture of a picture. Looking at the clear night sky alone can seem too incredible for words with all of the bright and glowing stars and the faint signs of the Milky way mixed in with them. All of these things are so much to behold and can be witnessed in just one day at the incredible Yosemite National Park. I can’t wait to see what another day there can offer to our group of travelers.

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