Saturday, November 24, 2012

October 6, 2012 - Kelly Bauer

The ECOEE tribe had a very different start this morning; their first meal was to to be had until 9:30 which gave most of the tribe some much needed rest from a late night of hunting and gathering. The tall one they call He Who Flies With Birds was appointed chef for the day and He Who Dances With Bears also awoke with the sun to assist in preparing a meal that would fill our hungry bellies. However, the great cook book went missing when the white horse was taken this morning for an early ride by our mysterious leader He Who Sits Like A Rock. He Who Flies With Birds followed the old ECOEE Tribe saying and chose to instead adapt, improvise, and overcome. The old saying held true and they prepared corn bread, eggs, taters, and fruit for the entire tribe. After the tribe filled their bellies it was time for the weekly ritual in which leadership is passed from three chosen members to the ext chosen group. The one they call Dragon, the Fisherman, and He Who Dances with Bears spoke to the group and shared with us the wisdom they gained from their experiences. They also voiced their concerns with the tribe’s development. He Who Sits Like A Rock, the elder of the group, led a discussion and many of the group members also voiced their opinions and shared their feelings about our group’s development. In order for the tribe to progress through the ancient stages of development, communication is essential and after today the ECOEE tribe can again move forward. After the meeting the tribe split up for the afternoon to explore their new surroundings. Some went hiking, others used the time for self-reflection, and the girls use the time to explore the cultural significance of Ruby’s Inn and eat some ice cream. The group met after for a last view overlooking the Hoodoos before splitting again. I joined the Dragon to learn about the stars above from a wise man of the area they called Dark Ranger Ron. The tribe has all retired into their teepees and so will I, Goodnight Moon. -Kel

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