Friday, December 10, 2010


The day before the end.

ECOEE 2010 ends tomorrow. It is going to be the most bittersweet day.
Today everyone and I mean everyone, is in a great mood. But of course by great I mean stressed out and pissy. Even Ashley, I mean she has been before but today she was actually acting on it.

Hopefully when tomorrow is over people, including myself, can get back to enjoying life. Not to say we did not enjoy our lives on ECOEE, I know we did, it’s just the ending that gets ya. The part where you realizes that this whole thing is not just an awesome road trip with friends and that the school hosts so you can learn a lot, but also something you get graded on and have to do a lot of work for. Sure there is a lot of work at the end of any semester no matter where the classes take place, but, when you have just sent the last four months traveling through a good chuck of North America the last thing you want to do is play catch up on all the work you didn’t/couldn’t do during it cause you were too wrapped up in the adventure of it all

I don’t know if I am venting or rambling right now so I am going to stop talking. BUT before I stop, I want to make sure that you know, I loved ECOEE. Everything about it is fantastic. The only hard part is knowing you gotta get your work done before you can play. This being a completely doable task that if done well will allow many more doors to open throughout the semester. So those of you, who have been considering ECOEE, stop it. JUST DO IT!

To those of you who have been reading just for pure interest, for a glimpse into a family members or friends life thanks for taking the time to read these. Thanks for your interest and you support throughout this semester. It means the world to us to know there are people who see what we are doing and support it.

Thanks for reading all of our entries. I hope you have enjoyed them. I know we have loved sharing them, sharing our experience and stories with you.

Have a wonderful life and enjoy the ride.
AND remember
“Our roots are set in stone, but our branches are left unknown.”- Me

Peace and Love Always,

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