Monday, November 10, 2008

Ryan DeBoer- Last Full Day in Joshua Tree

Yummy yummy, pancakes with chocolate chips and raisins. Top those off with a little fruit pie filling and you’ve got yourself one happy stomach to start off your day. Today is another full day of lessons, so we will need the energy to stay with it. We have all learned a little about how to present lessons properly, but it is hard to stay focused when so many lessons are given in one day. Courtney’s lesson before lunch was definitely up to par. She had a lot of good information to present and did that in a very interactive way. She set the bar for outdoor education lessons. Steve told a great story about Jebadiah Smith and the fur trading business. Ooter, Josh, Shible, and Jake all gave lessons throughout the day as well. Wow, like I said, a lot of lessons were given today.

As busy as the day was, it’s only getting started for me. All our journals must be typed; all of our articles for the third newsletter must be loaded and ready; all our lesson plans for environmental interpretation and outdoor education in the Southwestern desert ecosystem must all be done by tomorrow night. All this homework will certainly affect the amount of sleep I get and my attitude heading into our jobs as camp counselors in Malibu.

Homework is definitely a downer, especially with this much of it to do coming out of our solo experience and directly following an entire day of lessons. Thank God for solo though because I now know I can choose my own attitude and I will choose to have a positive one going into LACOSS in Malibu. Well, it’s after 8pm already and I have hours of homework to do yet tonight, so GOODNIGHT! Here’s to staying positive even during hectic times!

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