Monday, November 3, 2008

Joshua Tree National Park

Today started off with breakfast and potato egg drop amazingness. We cleaned up and loaded the van for a morning hike and another day of lessons. Everyone fell asleep on the van ride on the way to Samuels’s rock. After t=many teachable moments on the way out to the rocks… and wait one more, and yet another we finally arrived at the rocks. There was clearly no spell check, not that we use it either, but the sayings struck a cord with me. Derek gave his lesson and we were back on the move again, this time headed back to our white 15 passenger chariot. Back at camp we debriefed the morning and ate a great pizza pocket lunch. We went back to our awaiting 15 passenger lime and we were off to the visitors center so DeBoer could get his permit for his camera and so Emilie could give a lesson. This was one of the first really SPEC lessons we have had. Jake played with a cactus and everyone got a good laugh out of that. My photo-holic self and to take multiple pictures of the Joshua Tree Welcome Sign before we could head back to the van again. Everyone enjoyed picking the burs off their clothing. Steve came out and gave his short Leave No Trace lesson and DeBoer started in on a great dinner. We debriefed the evening and everyone was able to air issues out that had been arising. After that it was homework time followed by hitting the sack. I was so tired and accomplished no reading and did not write in my journal either, but there is always tomorrow.
-Ryan Plunkett

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